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Yarlington Mill

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Yarlington Mill

Parentage (Somerset Jersey type), Yarlington or N Cadbury, England early 1900s

Fruit: Bittersweet (low acid & high tannin)

Uses: hard cider

Flowering: mid

Tree: vigorous                      

Ploidy: diploid

Zones: 4

Pollination partners: claygate pearmain, dabinett, d’arcy spice, ellison’s orange, harrison. kingston black, roxbury russet

Disease resistance: average  

Crop: heavy

Pick: late season

Storage quality: fair


History: Somerset ‘Jersey’ type. Arose at Yarlington, nr North Cadbury, where it grew out of wall by water wheel. Reputedly discovered by Mr Bartlett, prob early 1900s. Transplanted into gardens of Yarlington Mill; prob propagated by nursmn Harry Masters and soon achieved local fame for its high yields. Small, red flushed over pale yellow fruit. Produces sweet slightly astringent medium bittersweet cider of ‘good aroma and flavour’. Widely distributed Somerset and West Midlands; planted intensive orchards. F m. T3; v bien. H l-Oct/ m-Nov. Morgan, Joan (2013-06-06). The New Book Of Apples (Kindle Locations 11006-11010). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.