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Stoke Red

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Stoke Red

Parentage (unknown), Somerset, UK early 1900s

Fruit: Bittersharp (high acid & high tannin)

Uses: hard cider

Flowering: very late                                                                                       

Tree: mod

Ploidy: diploid

Zones: 4

Pollination partners: dabinett, kingston black,northern spy

Disease resistance: good

Crop: heavy

Pick: late

Storage quality: good


History: Came to prominence 1920s when surveys found trees at Rodney Stoke , Somerset, but prob arose Wedmore area , where old trees were later found and known locally as Never blight on account of its reputation for resistance to disease. Small, ‘sealing -wax’ red fruit. Produces sharp juice with some astringency and very sharp and often scented cider. Formerly planted chiefly Somerset. F l. T2; slow to bear; hvy crops; bien; v res scab. H l-Nov. Morgan, Joan (2013-06-06). The New Book Of Apples (Kindle Locations 10962-10964). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.