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Ashmead's Kernel Scion price per stick


Fruit: Sharp (high acid & low tannin) very sweet and very sharp

Uses: desert apple, juice, hard cider

Flowering: late season, self-sterile

Tree: average growth Ploidy: triploid

Zones: 4-9

Pollination partners: black oxford, dabinette, goldrush, grimes golden, hewes crab, kingston black, newtown pippin, northern spy

Disease resistance: average

Crop: lite

Pick: late season

Storage quality: 3 months or more

History: ASHMEAD’S KERNEL 8 L D UK; according to Hogg raised in C18th by physician Dr Ashmead but local historians now believe this to be an error. It is more likely that William Ashmead (d 1782), Clerk of Gloucester City, raised this variety in garden of house, which became Ashmead House, Gloucester. Ronalds records in 1831 that tree was then 100 years’ old. RHS FCC 1981; AGM 1993. Strong, sweet-sharp intense flavour reminiscent of fruit or acid drops and of Nonpareil , but sweeter than its probable parent; firm, white flesh. Long esteemed by connoisseurs; widely planted from mid-C19th and recently regain popularity in England and North America. Grown commercially on small scale in England, but dull colour, poor crops weigh against it. Frt Col grnish yell/ yell, some frt flushed in diffuse brownish rd/ orng rd; many russet patches, netting, dots. Size med. Shape flt-rnd; sltly flt sided; sltly ribbed. Basin brd, shal; sltly ribbed; russet lined. Eye hlf open; sepals med to lng, v downy. Cavity med dpth, wdth ; russet lined. Stalk shrt, qte thck. Flesh wht. F* 14. T2. C gd but erratic poss due to cold springs; prn bitter pit. P e/ m-Oct.Morgan, Joan (2013-06-06). The New Book Of Apples (Kindle Locations 4081-4091). Ebury Publishing. Kindle Edition.