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I want one of each and 15% off

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If you can't decide which bar you want get one of each and save 15% and get free shipping. Add a gift bag too.
You get 1 AVA bar, our gentlest bar for sensitive or baby skin. 1 Detox Facial bar for a deep non-drying facial cleanse. It's also effective against skin irritations and acne. 1 Coffee Scrub bar with an amazing extra dark roast coffee aroma. It's our roughest scrub if you are looking for a serious exfoliation. 1 Sea Salt Scrub with spearmint, star anise and lime. Our sea salt scrubs are very gentle and the salts soften your water and your skin. 1 Lemongrass sea salt bar. 1 Hemp Clove and Yarrow body bar, it's new, 1 Patchouli bar and 1 of our newest bars, Eucalyptus and Sage. Enjoy!