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Pomme Gris


Pomme Gris

(unknown), probably has its origin in Montreal, Canada., 1600s

Fruit: Sweet

Uses: eating, dessert, juice

Flowering: early                                                                                                       

Tree: vigorous

Ploidy: triploid

Zones: 4

Pollination partners: black oxford, dabinett, hewes crab, kingston black, newtown pippin   

Disease resistance: good

Crop: heavy

Pick: September

Storage quality: excellent


History: POMME GRIS is also called French Russet, Gray Apple, Grise, Leather Apple of Turic and Leather Coat. Migrant French brought it to the St. Lawrence Valley from either France or Switzerland, and it is speculated that it is identical with the Reinette Grise, which was cultivated in Europe in the 17th century. The fruit is medium to small in size, with a thick, tough, greenish-yellow skin, usually completely covered with a russet. On the sun-exposed side, there is often a reddish coloration. The yellow flesh is crisp, juicy, aromatic and richly flavored. The tree grows upright and bears full crops annually. Pomme Gris stores well and ripens in September. Jefferson grew Pomme Gris at Monticello as a dessert apple, and it is a notable one for the connoisseur, with a rich sweet nutty flavor. Pomme Grise-We think that Pomme Grise originated in Europe, we do know that it found its way into Maine about 150 years ago and can still be found in old Maine orchards today.